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Three Axis Waterjet 4020

Valid Cutting Dimension:4000*2000mm
Cutting Degree:0°
Cutting Accuracy:±0.1mm
Round Trip Positioning Accuracy:±0.02mm
Cutting Speed:1-5000mm/min(Depending on the different materials;)
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Model SH-2015 SH-2515 SH-3015 SH-3020 SH-3520 SH-4020
Valid Cutting Dimension 2000*1500mm 2500*1500mm 3000*1500mm 3000*2000mm 3500*2000mm 4000*2000mm
Cutting Degree
Cutting Accuracy ±0.1mm
Round Trip Positioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
Cutting Speed 1-5000mm/min(Depending on the different materials;)
Motor 37KW/50HP
Warranty 1Year
Delivery Time 45 Days
After-sales Service Field Installation & Online Service
Loading Container FCL, 20GP/40GP
Loading Port Foshan, Guangzhou
Product Introduction

This is an economic waterjet cutting machine with multi-function.
Owning years' experience in the production, classical 3axis jetting machine could help you cut almost all materials.
It can cut the glass and mirror with any shape cutting, then they are mainly used in the shower door, table, etc.
It can also cut the mosaic, including the glass mosaic, stone mosaic, metal mosaic. Then they are mainly used in the background wall of the washing room and kitchen.
You can cut the marble, granite, quartz stones, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles with any shape cutting and used in the floor inlay.
You can also cut the rubber, plastic, foam, and used in the automotive interior, advertisement design, inner packing, etc. You can even cut the steel plate, stainless plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, and used in the different machining industries.
The amazing straight cutting with a concise structure and easy operation is very convenient for the new users to study and use it. On the other hand, its cutting speed is fast, effectively improves the cutting efficiency, and decreases your cost.

Product Features
  • Cuting Head

    Concise structure with rapid 0 degree cutting.

  • Cutting Platform

    With the welding of the double steel plate and the average weight is up to 3000-4000kgs.

  • Sand Consumption

    Special sand supply device and control the sand consumption in 15- 20kg per hour.

  • Pressure Adjusting

    Low-pressure cuts at first and high-pressure finish the holes, then release the pressure rapidly.

  • Updated Software

    When it goes to the corner and would auto reduce the cutting speed

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